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Donderdag 14 Maart 2013

Cerita Rakyat Asal Usul Danau Lipan


Lipan Lake is a place in East Kalimantan. Precisely in the District of Muara Kaman, which is located in the upstream Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara. The term "lake" in front of the Lipan not connote an actual lake. Because it is an area of ​​overgrown bushes broad pang.
That said, at one time, Muara Kaman is an ocean. There stood a kingdom to the airport in the bustling waterfront. Tersebutlah a beautiful princess named Princess Aji Blood White. Said the owner of the story, so called because when the Princess eat betel leaves, the water that swallowed red junk will look as it flows. Beauty is scattered all over the country and outside the kingdom.
Once, the Princess fame reached the ears of the King of China from overseas. So the king immediately membaw Abala Chinese soldiers across the sea with a large junks to apply for Miss Aji Blood White.
The presence of the King of China greeted with great fanfare. Nan dainty princess welcomed the guests with a festive dinner party. The dances and songs are presented as well to add the excitement of the party. How excited the King received a rousing welcome as it was. The dainty daughter did know that the presence of the King of China was none other than to mempersuntingnya. But once you see the movement and how to eat the food, the princess suddenly became disgusted beyond measure. It would not typically Chinese way of eating it is not the King of the difference between the way a dog eating food.
Not only have the Princess felt disgusted, even when the application filed, the Princess also feel insulted. Certainly not deserve honorable king has such character b inatang. Application is like a slap to the Princess.
However, rejection was also taken with the wrath of anger also by the King of China. He was hurt. Blood flow to the crown in the face of tremendous shame that. His hand grasped as if to dihantamkan on what is in front of him.
Coming home from there, he ordered the commander of the war to attack the kingdom of Princess Aji Blood White. The battle became inevitable. Thousands of Chinese warrior king like waves surging seas.
Facing attacks, the warrior maiden daughter did not want to lose. Ditandinginya menacing onslaught with tremendous kegagahberanian. The longer the Princess anxiously to see a wave of Chinese warrior king who could not match his war soldiers are far fewer in number. Puteri fear soon be annihilated his army.
Thus, as the incarnation of the king of magic he began to rise in times of oppression more weight. He took a chew of betel from the container. Then he chewed betel reciting magical incantations. His mouth mumbling and his beautiful eyes closed. Shortly afterwards the Princess spitting betel junk-junk all directions directions.
Magical! Sepah-junk was suddenly transformed millions of centipedes ferocious warrior who attacked the line of King of China. Centipedes, millipedes has now become a line of soldiers took over the ranks of the soldiers began to Princess Aji pressed. In an instant tentanra King China crippled by malignancy centipedes, millipedes that. Most of the remaining fled leaving the area. But the attack centipedes, millipedes were chasing all the way to the sea, where soldiers fled in jungnya. Their boat was sinking. The whole army of the King of China annihilated.
Place drown King Chinese junks became broad field that blends with the sea. Syahdan, where it is until now called Lake Lipan

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