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Donderdag 14 Maart 2013

Cerita Rakyat Si Rusa and Si Kulomang


Deer in the Aru Islands have the ability to run very fast. However, due to excess, they become arrogant and greedy animals. For fun, they challenge other animals raced. Defeated opponent must surrender their homes to the deer. Of course, deer are the winner. There have been many areas of the Aru Islands are managed under their control. The extent of the area they make the deer feel powerful. They consider themselves sovereign island nation.
Elsewhere, on the banks of the Aru Islands, there is a very beautiful beach. Waves that overtime, the cool breeze and the warm sand make anyone feel comfortable being there. That's where living marine snail known as animal cunning and patient. They live together and mutual assistance. They are aware of the weakness of their bodies. However, they believe that brain power is not inferior to any other force. One day, a deer slug named Kulomang challenged to compete. In addition to mastering the beauty of the beach, wishing to satisfy the deer to add to the collection victory. The deer are very yakiin can defeat slugs. Across the island, the most famous animal siputlah slow walk. Walking and running are not visible difference. Additionally, snail shells always bring more than their body size. For deer, there is no obstacle that bothered him to win the match. But, there is one thing that is forgotten deer, snails are animals known for their cunning.
Game day arrives. The deer took his entourage to watch the game with optimistic face. Not to be outdone, the snail also bring ten friends. Each of them was placed in each stop has been determined. He asked that his friends reply to every word deer. The track is going to wear, including the past 11 resting place where it began the game. He himself will be at the starting line with a deer arrogant.
"Are you ready to accept defeat, the snails?" Challenged deer with congkaknya.
"Who's afraid?" Said the short slug.
The match began. The deer ran as fast as lightning precedes slug. While snail walked calmly toward the bushes. A few hours later, the deer had to post the first stop. His breath up and down quickly. Leaning against fatigue in the tree, deer muttered.
"Just to which the slower it runs? Hihihihi ...? "
"Until behind you," said a friend who had alerted snails in the bush.
Slugs are startled deer are nearby. I was so startled deer, he jumped and ran helter skelter. No fatigue he felt cared about. The deer kept running. To the point, he did not stop at the second post. In the third post, he was exhausted. He paused for breath.
"Now, it may not be able to slug after me! 'Said interrupted deer he panted.
"Why would you think that?" Said another friend snail relaxed, deer greeting reply.
Without thinking, the deer ran again.
"No one may defeat me! What is another word deer if I embarrass our nation? "Said deer to himself.
The deer kept running and running. Do not forget at each stop, he did confirm the presence of the snail. Of course snail friend is ready to answer all the words deer. Entering the post to 11, the deer had run out of breath. I was so tired, fell down and dead deer. All the animals who had underestimated deer rejoice. Finally, managed to beat a deer slug that arrogant way

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