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Donderdag 14 Maart 2013

Cerita Rakyat Batu Golog


A long time ago in the area near the river Padamara Sawing in West Nusa Tenggara lived a poor family. The wife was named Inaq Lembain and her husband named Amaq Lembain
Their livelihoods are agricultural laborers. Every day they walk kedesa village offers strength to pound rice.
If Inaq Lembain pound rice that came with her two children as well. One day, he was busy pounding rice. Both children he put on a flat rock near where he worked.
Surprisingly, when Inaq started mashing, where they sat stone increasingly rising. Feel like removed, then his eldest son started calling his mother: "Mom is getting high rock." But unfortunately Inaq Lembain was busy working. He replied, "My son wait a minute, she had just mashing."
That happened repeatedly. Flat rock was increasingly grow to more than palm trees. The two boys then shout uncontrollably. However, Inaq Lembain keep busy pounding and winnowing rice. The sound of children's increasingly faint. Finally, the voice was not heard from again.
Stone Goloq it higher and higher. Up to bring the children reach the clouds. They were crying uncontrollably. Only then Inaq Lembain realized, that her children were gone. They were taken up by Stone Goloq.
Inaq Lembain sobbed. He then prayed to be able to take his son. Syahdan prayer is answered. He was given supernatural powers. with his belt he will be able to cut stones Goloq it. Magically, the stone was cut with belt severed into three parts. The first part falls somewhere which later was named the Village Gembong olrh because the soil there shaking. Part two fall in place called Dasan stone because there are people who witnessed the fall of a fragment of this stone. And the last piece falls somewhere causing a roar. So the place was named Montong Teker.
While the boys did not fall to the earth. They have turned out to be two birds. The eldest son turned into birds Kekuwo and sister turned into a bird Kelik. Because they originate from humans, the two birds were not able to incubate their eggs

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